At Hawthorne World, development stands as the unequivocal cornerstone of our triumph. Throughout the years, our company has honed a strategy that excels in crucial development facets – from meticulous site selection and entitlement to innovative design, robust financing, and value creation.

We go beyond being mere collaborators with our communities; we seamlessly integrate ourselves into their fabric. This entails active engagement with the locales where we operate, tailoring developments to address the unique requirements of neighborhoods, and discerning the optimal utilization for each property. Throughout this process, we steadfastly prioritize the best interests of each local community, ensuring that their needs remain at the forefront of our endeavors.

910 South Michigan Ave Lobby, Chicago IL. by Hawthorne World.

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Development Services

Feasibility Phase

  • Perform site selection
  • Evaluation of conceptual designs and test fit
  • Manage site due diligence
  • Produce initial budget and schedule
  • Evaluate financial underwriting
  • Create initial development pro forma
  • Evaluate capitalization alternatives
  • Conduct constructability review
  • Finalize land purchase/land lease
  • Redevelopment analysis for existing real estate

Design Phase

  • Careful design team selection
  • Qualify general contractors
  • Architectural and engineering contract negotiation
  • Thorough fundamental systems analysis
  • Closely coordinated design phases
  • Governmental approval coordination
  • Sustainability and energy management considerations
  • New technology cost/benefit evaluation
  • Oversee pricing exercises
  • Management of design to accomplish quality, budget and schedule goals
  • Communicate with the Client

Pre-Construction Phase

  • Contracting and purchasing strategies/bid packages
  • Cost-efficient construction purchasing
  • General contractor negotiation/subcontractor contracting

Construction Management Phase

  • Comprehensive construction administration
  • Operations and maintenance planning
  • Successful commissioning, delivery and closeout
  • Tenant construction management services
  • Handover to operations
  • Prepare bid package and construction contract
  • Bid and award construction contract
  • Monitor contractor performance
  • Site visits during construction
  • Review and approval of construction draws
  • Respond to issues, implement changes, coordinate as required
  • Respond to client requests
  • Periodic client reports

Interiors Planning Phase

  • Analyze program plan
  • Evaluate floor plan
  • Examine collaboration/social aspects
  • Evaluate private office/open layout
  • Guide audio-visual conference room plans
  • Oversee IT strategies/implications
  • Lead furniture planning
  • Coordinate fixtures and equipment
  • Make finish selection
  • Govern amenities plans

Throughout Development

  • Effective communication with ownership
  • Accounting / control / reporting
  • Schedule / budget management
  • Investment / asset management services
  • Marketing, public relations, social media


In the realm of multifamily income, we forge inventive partnerships in development and finance, ensuring successful project completion—collaboration is intrinsic to our ethos. We distinguish ourselves as the partner of choice for housing authorities, nonprofits, hospitals, and other development allies. Leveraging our proficiency in overseeing the entire life cycle of nultifamily housing projects, encompassing varying income levels, deal structures, and funding sources, we expedite capital absorption, allowing our partners to concentrate on their distinct core competencies. Our commitment extends beyond the ordinary to identify ideal collaborators for each project, guaranteeing optimal service to the community and neighborhood.

Pioneering Collaborative Alliances with Hawthorne World.


At Hawthorne World, development initiatives undergo a meticulous underwriting procedure within our Investment Committee, fostering unanimous cooperation among leaders across various functional domains: Development, Construction, Marketing, Finance, and more. Advancement to the Executive Committee is contingent upon the endorsement of every leader. This method ensures that everyone within the organization knows their leader’s support for each housing development. The outcome? Approved projects consistently secure funding, undergo construction, and achieve pro-forma targets, boasting a success rate exceeding 90%.

Comprehensive Interdisciplinary Endorsement at Hawthorne World.

Innovation In

Hawthorne World specializes in originating real estate projects from the ground up, focusing on low-rise, mid-rise, and townhomes situated in suburban and urban infill areas, catering to a diverse range of resident incomes. We meticulously design each project to complement its environment, consistently refining unit designs to surpass resident expectations. Renowned for exceptional multifamily residential placemaking, Hawthorne World excels in translating consumer needs and market dynamics into meticulously designed site plans, apartment homes, poolscapes, and amenities seamlessly integrated into their respective neighborhoods.

Contextual innovation in development with Hawthorne World.

Transformative Impact of Multifamily development

Revitalizing Economies

Elevating underutilized and promising communities, top-tier multifamily apartment complexes bring forth fresh investments, job opportunities, and economic vibrancy. The infusion of such developments can attract new enterprises and residents, fostering a cycle that enhances property values and diminishes criminal activity.

Enhancing Housing Accessibility

The creation of multifamily apartment communities addresses the pressing need for diverse housing options within the community. This initiative alleviates housing market strain, ensuring more families and individuals have access to secure, dependable, and superior-quality housing—a pivotal element in elevating overall community health and well-being.

Fostering Community Advancement

Multifamily apartment developments play a pivotal role in cultivating a sense of community and belonging. By providing communal spaces and amenities, residents are afforded opportunities to come together, socialize, and actively engage with one another. This not only nurtures community pride and ownership but also sparks heightened civic involvement and participation. Collaborating closely with local government and community leaders to align development with community wishes and needs establishes trust and mutual understanding, crucial for both development success and overall community prosperity. 

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