Net Zero Green building is our only business

For over 28 years, the Hawthorne Group(originally started as Vilas Development Corporation ) has lived up to its reputation by providing the best value in developments around the world. Founded by the noted developer, Dr. Ganesan Vish, throughout its history, Hawthorne has been committed to three core values:

  1. Respect for the environment
  2. The American idea of self-reliance
  3. Staying ahead of the curve
Our vision

Healthier living by going green, self-reliance via net zero

Our mission

Be the best Net Zero Green builder/developer by providing outstanding value to the customer via affordable green practices in construction, development, and Operation and Maintenance areas, while paying particular attention to Green energy generation sources.

These values have been exhibited in all of Hawthorne’s developments. For instance, believing that it is wasteful to create a new building when an existing building can be repurposed, Hawthorne has pursued several projects of rehabilitation, renovation, and reuse, many of which are award-winning. Continuing on that tradition, several green building practices are incorporated in Hawthorne’s projects as standard features, thus aiming for Green Silver or Green Gold (per National Green Building Standards) as standards for its construction. Second, following the American ideal of self-reliance, and the ‘can do’ attitude, these Green buildings are programmed, and constructed to be Net Zero buildings, thus providing for energy self-sufficiency in Hawthorne’s projects. Finally, a distinguishing feature of Hawthorne’s projects is the use of cutting edge technology, be it in construction, materials, control systems, finishes, or communication.

The combined effect of all of these is the creation of a comfortable, healthier home or office that can proudly produce its own energy, and have all the latest in technology for ensuring such comfort and health while generating significant cost savings for the owner.

Meet our Team

“At Hawthorne Group, we believe that all development projects become better living environments after implementing green practices. We work on all types of developments, ranging from low income housing, to high-end apartment complexes, to renovating iconic historic landmarks to healthy homes, to industrial or commercial buildings. No matter what the scale or scope of your development project, Hawthorne Group can help you create a comfortable, healthy, green environment that is also self-reliant in energy”. ​