We recognize the power of real estate acquisitions. Leveraging our extensive expertise, we’ve established ourselves as a reliable partner in the ever-evolving realm of property development. Our skilled professionals pinpoint opportunities and transform them into thriving neighborhoods. We facilitate the securing of assets, thereby enhancing real estate investment goals across the country.

We transform spaces into landmarks of opportunity

The Commodore and the Green Briar have long and storied histories. Registered as a Living History of Illinois and Chicago, a Chicago Historic Building, and the National Register of Historic Places in Chicago. The Roman brick façade is organized into the classic three-part design of the Chicago School. Hawthorne World worked with the highest degree of skilled craftsmanship to preserve, protect, and renovate all of the original floor tiles, wall tiles, and corridor light fixtures.

Skilled use of colors on the bricks, mortar, and window frames all in strict compliance with the historic code of the National Park Service. Today, the Commodore and Green Brier are home to 182 luxury condos, each valued at over $1 million.

Commodore/Green Briar Chicago, circa 1930's-2020's.

Our Acquisitions Process

Market Insights

Our team has a profound understanding of local market dynamics and evolving trends, enabling us to identify valuable opportunities. We apply our in-depth knowledge to identify properties with significant growth potential and high returns.

Strategic Connections

Our enduring relationships with brokers, property managers, key stakeholders, and financial entities allow us to facilitate exclusive, off-market transactions, offering our clients a distinct edge in the acquisition journey.

Rigorous Evaluation

Our comprehensive evaluation process reduces uncertainties and guarantees that each purchase is made with meticulous scrutiny. From market viability studies to financial health assessments, we mitigate risks, empowering our clients with the confidence to make well-informed choices.

Financial Analysis

Successful acquisitions depend on in-depth financial analysis. Our finance specialists conduct detailed evaluations, including future earnings modeling and return on investment analyses, pinpointing opportunities that promise robust returns while minimizing financial uncertainties.

Creative Approaches

We excel in crafting out-of-the-box creative solutions, from property repositioning and adaptive reuse to entirely new constructions. Our innovative mindset and proficiency ensure the maximization of asset value and the realization of outstanding ventures.

Efficient Closing And Transition

We guarantee a smooth acquisition and asset transition process, ensuring continuity for tenants, investors, and stakeholders. During this phase, we meticulously oversee the completion and execution of all legal and fiscal documents, upholding regulatory standards and agreement terms.

Sustainability Pledge

As conscientious property developers, sustainability is a cornerstone of our projects. We are committed to integrating eco-friendly practices and cutting-edge green technology to enhance energy efficiency, minimize our ecological impact, and improve the long-term sustainability of our projects.

Enhancing Communities

By revitalizing underused or overlooked spaces, our acquisitions can transform neighborhoods, injecting new energy and attractiveness. These successful ventures not only beautify the community but also draw in new businesses and amenities, elevating the living standards for residents.

Renovations that boost net operating income (NOI)

With a wealth of experience and local insights, the management team at Hawthorne World excels in refurbishing multifamily property assets. Since our inception in 1984, we have undertaken numerous renovation projects, collaborating closely with property owners post-acquisition to define objectives, budget planning, and advising on property enhancements to boost net operating income.
Renovations NOI Hawthorne World.

Acquisitions Services

Asset Discovery

Hawthorne World has seasoned local partners and an extensive understanding of the market landscape,  allowing us to identify prime investment opportunities and optimally position them to maximize client returns.

Due Diligence / Assessment

Our leadership team at Hawthorne World prudently selects investment prospects, drawing on the rich local insights of our local partners and associates operating in our core markets. Our longstanding presence, in some areas for four decades, enhances our deep connection to these markets. This local immersion, coupled with our agility, allows us to adapt to market shifts and cater to the evolving needs of the communities we invest in.

Property Transformation And Rebranding

Our goal is to increase rental income, reduce costs, and simplify management for property owners. Hawthorne World stands out in its ability to effectively reposition properties, whether it involves minor updates, extensive renovations, or complete reconstructions. Our team supports you through the rebranding journey, aiming to enhance your property’s NOI. We don’t just reposition; we reinvent.

Commodore Green Briar lobby.

Dispositions And Financial Structuring

Hawthorne World has managed the sale of a vast array of multifamily real estate assets, managing the process with precision to ensure transaction success. We take all necessary steps, from obtaining valuations and third-party appraisals to engaging top brokers. We maintain a dynamic portfolio and secure interim or long-term financing as needed, leveraging our strong relationships with lenders to finance and refinance substantial amounts.

Asset Management

Hawthorne World is proficient and experienced in the management and operation of multifamily real estate assets. We have managed the majority of the properties we’ve developed, guiding them to successful sales. Our financial robustness and access to capital markets have enabled us to execute complex financing deals and form partnerships with major investors in the sector.

Are You considering investing in an active project?

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