Joint Venture Development with Hawthorne World.

Joint Venture Development

Hawthorne World regularly engages in joint ventures with owners of underutilized properties, including individuals, families, churches, religious organizations, non-profits, long-term investors, and other development companies.

The company also frequently collaborates with community partners to identify and pursue opportunities for joint work. Leveraging its market experience and technical proficiency, Hawthorne World can unlock the latent value in underutilized properties, offering its partners a direct participation in the enhanced value of the improved asset. Participation can take various forms, such as ownership interest or a new physical asset.

Hawthorne World seeks to establish mutually satisfactory relationships encompassing both financial considerations and a shared vision for the site’s future. Working closely with partners, the company aims to leverage the unique strengths of each party to maximize overall value. Hawthorne World is actively seeking new partnership opportunities and welcomes inquiries.

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