Latha Mangipudi, Director of Governmental Relations.

Latha Mangipudi

Advisory Board

Latha Mangipudi avidly supports green energy initiatives; this passion allowed her to close deals for solar installations at several automotive dealerships. Following this success, Latha has assembled a winning team of diverse professionals and is engaged as an innovator in large scale Net Zero construction projects. Her team of investors, developers and builders are engaged in bringing innovative socially and environmentally impactful large scale development projects to the Northeast.

Latha is now pursuing major solar installation opportunities and expanding the scope of her work to form productive relationships with solar panel producers in India, helping them setup solar panel manufacturing facilities in the US.

Latha is a State Representative in the New Hampshire legislature. As a legislator, she has spearheaded legislations for enabling implementation of green energy initiatives. Latha authored and introduced a bill for Commercial Property Assessed Clean Energy (CPAC), which was signed into law in the 2023 legislative session. This provides incentives and a platform for commercial development of Net Zero and other energy efficient buildings in New Hampshire.

Latha has introduced and successfully championed for the passage of a bill for funding proof of concept cutting edge projects for waste management.

Latha shot to prominence as the first American of Asian Indian origin to be elected to the New Hampshire State House in a hotly contested and high-profile election in 2013. In this her sixth consecutive two-year term, Latha was re-elected to this office and garnered the most number of votes of the six contestants for three seats.

In previous jobs she has developed innovative solutions for community based elder care, and as a Speech Pathologist focused on helping specially abled individuals.

Latha has served on various non-profit boards in the community. She is deeply connected in the community and is a well-respected member of the community.

Latha’s experience and community connections have helped her evolve as a social entrepreneur, and her focus has been on commercially viable community projects that have big social impact.