School Lofts

This shuttered Rivermont school building has a lot of historic character. Originally built in ??the school fell into disrepair and was closed. Currently, the school is in a dilapidated state due to years of neglect, and of course, such buildings are our backyard. Loaded with years of experience in saving deteriorated structures, Hawthorne is embarking on another effort to save this building, which shows a lot of character. Apache average ceiling height sit from the traditional classrooms, there is a canteen, and a theater area in the building. In line with what you would expect from such older buildings, the average ceiling height is 14 feet, and thus, the building lends itself to loft style apartments. Young professionals, managers, and business executives in the area who find it difficult to secure an elegant apartment, will have no problem in finding one when this school building is renovated int0 20 beautiful, loft style apartments