MERU Campus of Care

On a six-acre parcel in Alleghany county, Hawthorne is re-purposing a complex of 3 hotel buildings into a continuing care retirement facility, where independent living, assisted living, and memory care services will be provided. Designed by the well-known architect, Richard Jones, this complex will serve the needs of the county residents in providing appropriate levels of care. The campus will be staffed with skilled nurses, nursing assistants, nurse practitioners, food service workers, activity directors, facility director, leasing coordinators, and maintenance personnel. Various activities are planned for the residents such as art classes, shopping center visits, computer classes, knitting, and cooking classes, car repair, authors in person days, filled with book signing, lectures on healthy eating, and more. There is a sit-down restaurant, and a beauty parlor at the campus.
A joint venture agreement with Lewis Gale hospital will provide for site visits by Geriatric care physicians, physiotherapists, psychologists, and other professionals. The hospital will also be training certain personnel for eventual employment in the health care area.