All projects are NET ZERO GREEN!

EB  5 Investment Program

As a part of the US Government effort to promote job creation a visa category called EB5, has been established since the late ’90s. This program has also been called, “Investor Immigration Program”.

In collaboration with EB5 network, we invest the capital for projects that meet the program’s eligibility criteria, such as business expansion or new project development.

About Our Projects:

  • Projects backed by real estate or other collateral.
  • Projects selected based on their job-creating potential, besides being a sound investment.
  • Projects have pre-defined exit strategies such as sale or refinancing.
  • Projects based on debt or preferred equity model.
  • Projects use USCIS- approved economic models for job creation.


Non-EB 5 Investment Program

  • Minimum ticket size: $1 Million
  • Investment Options: Mezzanine debt or equity.
  • Return Offered: For Mezzanine debt, % commensurate with the market.
  • Additional Benefits: First opportunity to participate in any future deals.
  • Of course, with the depreciation of the Rupee, you can add another few % to the above returns, when they convert the returns to Rupees.


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