• Construction Finance
  • Mortgage Finance

Construction Finance

Hawthorne will provide construction finance for large scale affordable housing projects. Typically, the process begins with meeting with the particular state officials, assessing the needs for the quantity of affordable housing needed in the state, design parameters of affordable housing, pricing structure, and incentives needed for a successful program. Based on a study of the above factors, Hawthorne will make complete program recommendations in the areas of:

  • Quantity of housing needs in the affordable sector
  • Pricing of the homes to be built
  • Technology recommendations
  • Town planning and other design considerations
  • Incentives needed for different segments of affordable sector

Once the recommendations are accepted, and a mandate is given to Hawthorne Finance for providing the funds, Hawthorne will take up the task.

Mortgage Finance

Hawthorne will provide mortgage finance at affordable rates for homeowners in developing countries. Several countries in the world suffer not only from high interest rates for home mortgages, but also the simple non-availability of residential mortgages. Hawthorne’s mission is to fill this gap by providing the mortgages, and also work on securitizing them so that a continuous loop of recycled funds can be brought into various geographies of the developing world. This will require active participation from local financial institutions as partners with Hawthorne Finance.

Hawthorne Mortgage will provide $100 million USD in financing options to financially support the ventures.

Typically, these funds are brought into a country in increments of $50m, and once the initial tranche is utilized by full disbursement to home owners, the next tranche is brought in. Usually, Hawthorne mortgages are priced with a view to increasing home ownership, and reduce the affordability gap in these nations.

Interested banks/mortgage companies around the world may fill out the short questionnaire provided to see if they qualify for joint venture with Hawthorne Finance under the ‘Hawthorne Mortgage JV’ program by clicking on the link below.

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