Ongoing Project(s)

We are in the process of designing and building a 2 MW solar PV power plant at a mine in Puerto Rico.

Design Phase

  • Electrical engineering design
  • Related structural engineering design
  • Soil erosion plan
  • Site plan for the proposed PV system
  • PV module structural mounting details
  • PV system block diagrams
  • Electrical connection details

Construction Phase

  • Project schedule
  • Subcontractor bid, and permitting assistance
  • Procurement of equipment by sourcing from the best source for the right quality
  • Installation, and system testing

The site is 10 acres in size, and is connected to Puerto Rico Electrical Power Authority Grid via a 3.5 MW substation. The secondary voltage needed is 480 V, 3 phase, 60 Hz. Project completion time: 12 months.

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