Terrace Condominiums of Forest Park, IL

Conversion of this apartment building involved exterior masonry repair, T-111 siding repair and painting and window replacement/repair as needed. In addition, all units were renovated with brand new kitchen appliances, cabinetry, countertop, sink, kitchen faucets and kitchen tile work, new bathroom tile work for floors and tub walls, new vanity and vanity tops in bathrooms, new medicine cabinets and new light fixtures in bathrooms, kitchen and dining areas. All bedrooms were provided with new carpeting. All corridor walls were treated with fresh paint and received new carpeting. The entry lobby was renovated with new tiles, wallpaper and light fixtures. Laundry rooms were completely renovated with new machines, floor tiles and paint.

  • Total number of units: 123
  • Style: Mid-rise (7 stories)

Raintree Condominiums of Glen Ellyn, IL

Conversion of this sprawling apartment complex, located on 25 acres of land surrounding a golf course, involved similar work as mentioned above, but on a far larger scale. Additionally, extensive asphalt repair/resurfacing was undertaken. The huge clubhouse received new hardwood flooring, light fixtures, fireplace renovation, fresh paint and wallpaper, renovation of swimming pool and pool deck. In addition, washers and dryers were added in each unit. All of the 22 buildings received new entry canopies; new corridor light fixtures, carpeting, painting and extensive landscaping and roof work were undertaken. All units received new kitchens, baths, light fixtures, carpeting and paint.

  • Total number of units: 318
  • Style: Mid-Rise (4 buildings) and 2-story walk-up: (18 buildings)

Medinah Terrace Condominiums, Itasca, IL

This apartment complex, located on 13 acres adjacent to Medinah Golf Course, received renovation similar to the Raintree complex mentioned above, with the addition of extensive landscaping and pool renovation. Washers and dryers were also added to each unit.

  • Total number of units: 230
  • Style: Suburban walk-up

Townhomes of Whispering Lake

This project located in Lake Bluff, IL involved completing the construction of the half-finished condominium project and new construction of 85 town homes on 20 acres of land. Several windows were replaced in the condominium project, roads were completed, corridors carpeted and new entry doors installed. Units were taken from the whitewall stage to finishing, certain buildings were mud jacked as needed, the parking lot was completed and all new heating systems were installed in the units. Further, existing well was upgraded and a new well was installed. Detention ponds were repaired and pond aerators were installed. Water and sewer were also brought to the new town homes. Each town home of approximately 2,000 sq. ft., was completed and sold.

  • Total number of units: 124
  • Style: Elevator building (4 stories) for condominiums and
  • 2 story town homes

3410 North Lake Shore Drive, Chicago, IL

This apartment complex, located in the beautiful Belmont Harbor area of the city of Chicago, was converted into condominiums. The work involved installation of new windows in each unit and the storefront. New entry corridor was constructed and HVAC upgrade was performed. All corridor carpets and light fixtures were replaced. Elevator cabs were renovated and the mechanics were upgraded. The parking garage underwent extensive concrete repair and the rooftop deck was also renovated. All units received new kitchens, baths, light fixtures carpeting and paint.

  • Total number of units: 220
  • Style: 18 story high rise

910 South Michigan Avenue, Chicago, IL

This project, representing the largest office to residential conversion in the history of Chicago, involved gutting the entire 600,000 sq. ft. building, which housed the former world headquarters of Standard Oil. New installations included plumbing, HVAC, electrical, fire protection, elevators, parking garages, ramps, stairs, entry lobby unit corridors, unit interiors and doors. This complex project was massive in scope, involving at one time 600 construction workers on the property simultaneously. The entire construction of $55 m was completed using our in-house construction company and there was no general contractor involved. With the exception of carpentry, drywall, and paint, all other trades were subcontracted.

This project won an unprecedented 10 awards for design and construction, in addition to winning the most prestigious Crystal Key award.

  • Total number of units: 267
  • Style: 21 story high rise

Commodore / Greenbrier Condominiums, Chicago, IL

This project, located in the prestigious Lincoln Park area of Chicago, IL boasts architectural beauty, original historic façade and exquisite tile work in the entry way. All units were provided with washers, dryers, and new kitchens and bathrooms.

  • Total number of units: 183
  • Style: Mid – Rise

Deer Run Condominiums, Oswego, IL

This project, located on 22 acres involved extensive exterior, as well as interior renovation. New balconies were added and concrete patios poured. All windows, roofs, and heating systems were replaced. In addition, the parking lot was resurfaced, extensive landscaping was completed and new stacks were installed for washers and dryers in each unit. All new kitchens and bathrooms were installed, new stairs were constructed, the swimming pool and clubhouse was extensively renovated and all entry doors were replaced.

  • Total number of units: 240
  • Style: Suburban Walk-Up

Park Terrace Condominiums, Broadview, IL

The work on this conversion involved extensive parking lot work, roof replacement, new kitchens and bathrooms, complete window replacement, all new corridor carpeting, light fixtures, landscaping and rebuilding the rear 3-story deck.

  • Total number of units: 72
  • Style: Suburban Walk-Up

525 Hawthorne Place, Chicago, IL

This project involved replacement of all windows, elevator cab renovation, extensive corridor marble work on each floor, marble work at the entry corridor, new kitchens and bathrooms in every unit, hardwood flooring in each unit, new light fixtures, extensive swimming pool renovation, upgrading the oversized pool deck, building the pool entertainment area, laundry room renovation, extensive parking garage renovation and installation of new entry canopy.

  • Total number of units: 232

222 East Pearson, Chicago, IL

This project involves replacement of all windows and patio doors, elevator mechanicals, elevator cab renovation, renovation of front lobby and entryway, refurbishment of corridors, replacement of all kitchens and bathrooms, installation of hardwood flooring in the living and dining areas, provision of washer/dryer hook-ups, electrical upgrades and laundry room and fitness room renovation.

  • Total number of units: 219

Garden Glen Apartments in Mt. Vernon, IL

This brand new, 150 unit apartment complex was built on 10 acres in the city of Mt. Vernon, Southern Illinois. The whole site development and construction was completed by the in-house construction company, Sowmya Construction Corporation at a total project cost of $10m.

  • Style: Suburban Walk-Up