North Carolina

North Carolina Historic Rehabilitation project:

Osage Mills

Hawthorne is in the process of renovating a historic structure in the beautiful Bessemer City, just outside Gastonia. This 250,000 sq. ft. structure is a shuttered textile mill, called Osage Mill. Originally built in 1896 ceased operations almost one hundred years later in 1995. During the above period, and subsequently, the building underwent changes to suit the technology of the day. For instance, many windows were bricked over to accommodate air conditioners.

The town of Bessemer City got its name since it was rich in iron ore deposits. In 1893, the town was chartered, and John Askew Smith, and his partner, J. A. Pinchback, who got caught up in the euphoria of the textile boom of those days, started construction on what was then known as Southern Cotton Mills. But, very soon, they ran out of money, and hence, in 1895, the half-finished mill was purchased by John Odell, and Stonewall Durham who completed the construction. They installed 8,000 spindles, and 362 looms, which was expanded in 1905 to 16,272 spindles, and 400 looms. The mill closed in 1908 due to poor economic conditions, and was sold at a bankruptcy auction in 1909. Slater Manufacturing Company purchased the building in 1909, and changed the name to Osage Mill.

From 1913 to 1955, Huss brothers of Bessemer City operated the facility to manufacture tools, and drills, but sold the facility to Reeves Brothers of New York in 1955. Finally, after 40 years of operation as a manufacturing facility, in 1995, due to poor demand, the mill closed down.

The renovated mill will consist of about 200 apartments of one, two, and three bedrooms, with a fitness center, business center, and a party room. A portion of the building will be devoted to commercial enterprises such as a coffee bar, and a restaurant.



Hawthorne Campus of Health and Care (HCHC) in Merrillville:

In Merrillville, Hawthorne is working on building a Campus of Health and Care on a 16 acre parcel. The campus will offer a healthy lifestyle in its independent living, and assisted living units, with the focus of keeping the elderly in their present stage for as long as possible, thus delaying their entry into the next level of care for as long as possible. In the same campus, a healthy hotel is planned under the same international chain’s flag.

Hawthorne Campus of Health and Care in Michigan City:

The plans here are very similar to the above one in Merrillville, with the exception that there will be additional components in this mixed use parcel, such as a Charter School, and apartments. The site is eleven acres.

Other Illinois projects


This is a beautiful 72 acre parcel, surrounding a 30 acre lake. Due to the lake depth, a variety of fish swarm around, and there are various kinds of activities such as fishing, hiking, and biking are possible in the campus, and the surrounding areas. On this parcel, it is intended to build about 500 apartments, with a small amount of space devoted to commercial activities such as a coffee bar, a convenience store, and a bank.


On a 189 acre acre parcel, a new Lockport is set to rise, with condominiums, senior apartments, assisted living facilities, townhomes, shopping center, and a charter school.

Gateway Green, Mount Vernon


Currently, we are developing a $200MM mixed-use project in Mount Vernon, IL, with over 1 million square feet of retail, residential, and commercial buildings. This multi-million dollar project consists of:

  • A First Class Hotel
  • Luxury Apartments
  • Contemporary Offices
  • Multi-Cuisine Restaurants
  • Medical Office Buildings
  • Big Box Retail
  • Junior Retail Stores
  • Child Care Center
  • Senior Care Center
  • Gas Station