From the beginning, the Hawthorne vision has been to achieve and maintain a reputation as the premier, “Best Value” condominium builder in the nation. In over 20 years, we’ve earned that reputation – by building thousands of beautiful residential developments just like the one we’re building for you.

Development & Construction Services

  • Real Estate Development

Real Estate Development

Hawthorne offers full-fledged, comprehensive development services for their clients. We take care of all the activities from sunrise, to sunset, which provides a ‘one stop’ solution. Having developed multiple sky scrapers in the United States, Hawthorne is your perfect ally in Real Estate Development.

Development is about finding solutions that fit for our customers and the community. We focus on the underlying characteristics that make a site viable for a customer – demographics, accessibility, visibility and infrastructure – while encouraging community economic growth. From site selection, due diligence and environmental remediation to financing, public relations and flexible exit strategies, we marry our development expertise with your project goals and expectations, providing the best possible long-term real estate solution for your organization.

The following are the list of development services we provide:

  • Land Identification / Acquisition
  • Due Diligence
  • Risk Management
  • Feasibility Studies, including Financial Analysis
  • Financing / Capital Markets
  • Securing Regulatory Approvals
  • Master Planning
  • Design Development
  • Consultant Support – Civil / Structural / Electrical / PHE
  • Product Launch / Sales and Marketing
  • Construction Execution
  • Project Management / PMC

Facility / Property Management

Hawthorne’s experienced management professionals create value through day-to-day supervision and long-term strategic planning. They analyze market trends to determine how to effectively position a property within a given market, and then develop a custom marketing, leasing and management strategy to maximize its value. In addition, Hawthorne provides asset renovation, development advisory services, and property repositioning/lease-up campaign expertise.

We manage both commercial and residential properties, with the goal of developing programs and services that create added value for its clients.

Recognizing the variety of skills needed for effective management, we assign to each property a balanced team of dedicated executives and support staff, closely coordinated under control systems that involve the highest echelons of the company.

We see the client’s interests as a combination of these management-related points of view:

  • Asset Management, including the Fiscal Health of the Property
  • Property Management, Staffing, Maintaining and operating the Building and its Systems
  • Relationship Management – the quality of life in the building and accommodation of the diverse interests of the tenants, and owners.

Our focus on client satisfaction starts with identifying the unique style and character of each property. We then tailor our services accordingly. As we integrate the three management functions to achieve our clients’ goals, our approach is not just responsive, but proactive. Responsiveness is obviously essential to successful management, but anticipation is the mark of professionalism.

We have developed comprehensive techniques for controlling every aspect of management and for effective deployment and supervision of our staff, to ensure that the objectives are met. We work with the Board to establish an annual operating and capital budget and the common charges needed to balance it. We will create a 5-year plan, to be updated annually, which identifies, anticipates, evaluates and prioritizes the short- and long-term needs for the building within the three respective management areas.

Association / Society Management

As 30-year professionals in association / society management, our success in managing several thousand units is a result of providing proven solutions for these concerns.

We develop strategies that help you:

  • Preserve affordable maintenance fees for your members
  • Boost your collection rates, and
  • Enhance value through long-range financial planning.

Hawthorne’s association management services are tailored to match the unique demands of your community. Using a proactive approach, we help your community:

  • Establish financial guidelines for reaching your current and future goals,
  • Identify opportunities for streamlining your operations, while enhancing the quality of life in your community, and
  • Discover solutions that increase property values and address your community’s objectives.

Below are the areas in which we represent our clients.

In-House Accounting

Our accounting services were developed with one primary objective – delivering accurate, easy-to-understand financials so you can make informed decision on your community’s financial well-being at a glance.

Your community’s accountant will provide:

  • Detailed financial statements and subsidiary reports
  • A/R & A/P tracking (i.e. water, electric, etc.)

In-House Collections

By targeting your delinquent maintenance fees and developing an aggressive strategy, we can accelerate your community’s collection process, while reducing your costs.

Your community’s collection representative will handle all inquires on collection matters, including:

  • Initiating communication with residents who have overdue balances
  • Sending delinquency notices
  • Facilitating payment plans

Reserve Studies

We perform comprehensive ‘Reserve Studies’, and ensure the property is funding its ‘Reserve Account’ sufficiently, for future uncertainties. Our policy focuses on the approach ‘Prevention is better than cure’, so we perform preventative maintenance to ensure the long-term health of all plants, and systems. Being a ‘Green’ company, we will suggest ‘energy efficient’ systems for lighting, water-heating, and HVAC. We also recommend using ‘Solar’ wherever possible.

Brokerage & Transaction Management

Hawthorne professionals are equipped with the necessary skills to assist you with all of your transaction needs. Our professionals have access to the market data that will help them negotiate sale price or lease terms on your behalf. Their local market knowledge ensures that your transaction will be completed in accordance with all regulatory standards and will meet your needs.

Current Listings

1,000 Row/Twin Houses in an upcoming suburb of Chennai – Average Price – Rs. 27,00,000.00

1,400 apartments in the beautiful temple town of Madurai – Average Price – Rs. 15,00,000.00

Upcoming Listings

11,250 apartments in the technology city, Hyderabad -Average Price – Rs. 60,00,000.00

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